15 Weeks to NYC Marathon: Ramping up

28/07/2010 § Leave a comment

Last week: ran 13 miles total (3 miles, 10 miles)

Goal this week: run 18 miles total (3 miles, 12 miles, 3 miles)

This week marks the start of my real training.  I already work out about 5 days a week, but since running the Miami half in January I have made a concerted effort to mix it up and do less overall running.  It keeps me interested and better yet, it keeps my body guessing (if you are in search of results, you really have to cross train).  I don’t really want to give up my variety for running drudgery and I don’t want to live at the gym — as much as I love my gym — so this is going to be a bit difficult.

Tip #1: My secret to running is having someone to run with
Running can be boring.  Especially in the beginning when all you can think about is “Why did I decide to do this?  How far have I gone?  How much longer do I have left?  Am I dying?  I must look like a fool out here with all these people passing me…” and on and on and on!  I find that if I have someone out there with me, especially for the long runs, that internal monologue quiets and I run farther and enjoy myself more.  The trick is finding someone that is close enough to your pace/style — if you’re both talkers you can chat, or if you’re both competititve, you will end up pushing each other along a bit faster.

I have a few friends who are almost always down for a few miles on weekend mornings.  They are my most important secret weapon this training season and I am very hopeful that they will turn out on raceday to run a few miles with me.  I really hope I don’t have to beg them…

For my NY runners in search of a group to run with, Well+Good NYC has compiled the deets on FREE group runs throughout the city.  Find it here.

In LA, many lululemon athletica stores have FREE running groups on various days of the week.  Check out Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, Pasadena, or the store nearest you. Lululemon is great — all levels are welcome and most have a “no runner left behind” policy.  Similarly, the NIKETOWN stores also have FREE running groups.  Get more information here.

Happy running!

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