13 Weeks to NYC Marathon: Dress the Part

11/08/2010 § Leave a comment

Goal last week: 20 miles total (3 miles, 14 miles, 3 miles)

Actual mileage:   20.2 miles total (3 miles, 3.5 miles, 13.7 miles)

Goal this week: 22 miles (4 miles, 15 miles, 3 miles)

Last week I successfully got out to run three times and ran the farthest distance I’ve ever run — go me!  When I started out on my long run Saturday morning, I was a little nervous.  I hadn’t ever run 14 miles alone.  I mean, I’ve run a half marathon without a running partner, but I was running with a large group of people in that case.  This was going to be me, alone, for over two hours.  Running along the Hudson.

The first few miles I was busy with warming up and getting though the suck that is the warm up.  No matter if I am running 3 miles or 33 miles, the first mile or two is usually a super drag.  My body’s waking up, it doesn’t want to run, my legs are stiff, my breathing isn’t good, etc. etc.  But then I get into my rhythm — my stride, my breathing, my arm swing is all in line — and I feel great.  I can start to think if I am alone, or hold a coherent convo if I am running with someone.  It is in this period when I can begin to wonder about random things like the probability that I am passing someone else on the path that is listening to the same exact song. So even when I am having my worst warm up ever, I always fight through it because I know it’s just temporary.  If you don’t push yourself to your limits, you will never have a breakthrough!

The middle miles were a breeze, and I finished strongly.  Unfortunately, due to a mapping/math error on my part, I didn’t quite do 14 miles.  But I was close!  I’ve also decided not to run in the Bronx half marathon, since I need to attempt 15 miles this weekend.  I know I won’t do the extra two after the race.  Plus it’s in the Bronx.  And the course sucks.  The decision really made itself, really.

Tip #3: Clothes make the (wo)man
I know that one of the big selling points of running is that it’s super cheap — all you really need is a good pair of shoes.  But I’d like to offer a slightly different point of view.  When I started out running, I had some nondescript “work out clothes” in a drawer somewhere, left over from a million years ago (and I’m not even kidding, I do believe I found a pair of shorts from a soccer team I was on in the 10th grade).  They were fine.  They were serviceable.  I could have run in them, no question.  Instead of just wearing the clothes I had, I decided to guilt myself into running by buying myself some new running clothes.  Somehow, I’m now a girl that owns a large collection of wicking fabrics.  Even my socks wick.  And now I’m a runner.  It’s pretty amazing.

So my tip this week is to buy yourself something new when you start out running.  I’m not saying go crazy, nor am I recommending you go out and buy the most expensive stuff you can find – just a little something new.  You’ll feel more like a runner when you put your running clothes on, guaranteed.

Tip #3.5: My favorite tank

I’m something of a sweaty betty, so I can’t bear to run with sleeves unless it’s really cold outside.  I recently found the “run:swiftly racerback” at lululemon and I am in love, love, love with it.  It’s super lightweight – I almost can’t feel it at all when I’m running.  I definitely recommend picking one up for your summer runs.

Happy running!


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