Louis Vuitton Men’s S/S 2011 featuring Scott Campbell

02/12/2010 § Leave a comment

Louis Vuitton hits the high notes with the first installment in a “video diptyque” (aka two part series) that introduces their men’s spring/summer 2011 collections.  Vuitton has seized upon visual and tattoo artist Scott Campbell as the  embodiment of the upcoming season — with good reason, as he collaborated on the collection — and we are treated to view a day in his life.  It’s got a little bit of everything: a run across what looks like the Manhattan Bridge, his creative studio space, paper cut art and printmaking, the beautiful artwork on his body, an adorable dog, an abundance of the Damier Graphite Canvas collection (Sidenote: I really, really, REALLY think there ought to be a choice selection of women’s pieces in Damier Graphite Canvas.  It isn’t fair for the men to have it all to themselves.  Are you listening, LV?), a sweet motorcycle, bookstore meandering, a voyage to a mysterious location via CDG, lots of beautiful luggage and amazing clothes.

Stay tuned.  We’ll catch up with Scott later.

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