Vassar College Archives: 1950s

13/04/2011 § 3 Comments

Another trip through the Vassar College archives…
In case you missed our maiden voyage, check out the 1930s here.

If you’d like to take a wander through the archives yourself, visit Vassar’s Flickr account here.


§ 3 Responses to Vassar College Archives: 1950s

  • Cupcake says:

    These were the original preppies, non?

  • I love that these images are being so widely shared by Vassar! And it has been a pleasure to meet so many of these 1950s graduates for my book, “Vassar Style: Fashion Feminism and 1950s American Media” – from my (biased!) opinion, it was truly the most incredible time for trendsetting, both in fashion and women’s education!

    Great blog – found you through tomboystyle!

    • Mariah says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks very much for stopping by! I know all about your upcoming book and am very much looking forward to getting my hands on it. While I didn’t attend Vassar myself, I have a few friends that were nice enough to clue me in to its history and amazing graduates.

      It is one thing for me to look at these pictures and admire these anonymous, wonderful women — the fact that you were able to meet some of them is above and beyond. I am completely jealous, of course.

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