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A gorgeous little love note to New York, Bridge & Burn‘s Fall/Winter 2012 short by Monica Reyes makes me want to bundle up in Erik Prowell’s amazing collection and take an extra long walk around the city.  I’ve long been a fan of this Portland-based brand that effortlessly mixes just the right amounts of ruggedness, prep and menswear detailing, and Fall/Winter 2012 has definitely proven to be no exception to this rule.

Be sure to visit Bridge & Burn.

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A Prayer for the Wild at Heart

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Mixing equal parts Isak Dinesen, Amelia Earhart and Katharine Hepburn, the campaign for Maiyet FW 2012 is exactly the sort of thing that my African safari dreams are made of.  Featuring the Daria Werbowy in Chyulu Hills, Kenya, photographer Cass Bird has gorgeously captured the free-spirited — yet refined — essence personified by the collection’s deft combination of luxe textures and tailored details.  And can we please talk about that wide-brimmed fedora, and how badly I need it in my life?  Such perfection…!

For more, hop over to Maiyet.

La Bombe Dior

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Tourbillon dress and bolero in black crepe wool,
Haute Couture collection Fall-Winter 1957-1958. Ligne Fuseau
Aventure outfit, jacket with black and white houndstooth, pencil skirt in black wool.
Haute Couture collection Spring-Summer 1948. Ligne Envol
Abandon dress in black wool, Haute Couture Fall-Winter collection 1948-1949. Ligne Ailée
Arizona wool coat in cherry red. Haute couture Fall-Winter collection 1948-1949. Ligne ailée.
Porto Rico dress with black and white polka dot.
Haute Couture Fall-Winter collection 1954-1955. Ligne H

Portugal evening gown in white organdie with cerise embroidery
Haute Couture Spring-Summer collection 1957. Ligne Libre

 I suppose that when one is Marion Cotillard, it is practically all in a day’s work to pose in iconic haute couture pieces from the Dior archive — created by Monsieur Dior himself — and transform oneself into the “The Dior Bombshell” for amazing photographs by Jean-Baptiste Mondino as part of the Lady Dior web documentary.

Le sigh.  She looks so perfect that it almost difficult to be jealous.*

*Please note I said “almost.”

Replay || L’Odyssée de Cartier

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By now, you’ve probably already viewed the beautiful short film L’Odyssée de Cartier, a fantastic exploration of the history of the maison (if not, you can find it here).  Now you can discover the symbols hidden in La Panthère’s trek around the world with the help of Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Image, Style and Heritage Director.  What an amazing job, no?

Sidenote: you can also see a behind-the-scenes of L’Odyssée de Cartier here, if that’s your kind of thing.

All Aboard

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While not necessarily my sartorial cup of tea, the Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2007 campaign by Geoff Barrenger is still so very captivating — it is quite impossible for me to look at these pictures without remembering the trips I’ve taken by train.  There is something terribly romantic about traveling by train, isn’t there?  The soaring ceilings of the stations, the sound of the train on the tracks, the countryside unfurled, cocktails in the dining car…

And when you consider fact these photos were taken in Buenos Aires, my location of my last international adventure, you can probably understand the hour I just spent pricing tickets on the Orient-Express.

Wants: Spectacles by RockOptika

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New spectacles maker, RockOptika, caught my eye with a rather well-executed campaign that immediately had me wanting to know more.  I happily discovered that designer Tom Herrington is set to debut 10 designs, 5 for women and 5 for men, that are designed in England, handmade in France by craftsmen and display the kind classic style that I always look for when selecting my own frames.  When you are very good at “conscientiously balancing well proportioned models against bold lines and an indulgent splattering of Great British eccentricity,” you’re assured to have my full attention.  I didn’t see a US stockist on the list, but with a collection this strong, it’s only a matter of time.  I was hoping to make a trip across the pond anyway…

Found here via here.

The Ivy Coed {Jil Sander Pre-Fall 2012}

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Taking design inspiration from the mid-century American college student isn’t particularly innovative these days.  In fact, it can sometimes seem like designers are perennially stuck in those hallowed years between childhood and adulthood, where the most pressing matters of the day are studying for a midterm or rushing the right house.  Particularly if said years are spent in one of the more storied institutions, such as the colleges of the Ivy League.  This was perhaps most recently and significantly evidenced by the recent reissue and popularity of Teruyoshi Hayashida’s 1965 book Take Ivy, a collection photographs of Ivy style, and its appearance in bookstores and J.Crew stores alike.

But here is where we shall take a step back, because we should note that the conversation above is truly about men and menswear (and perhaps menswear-influenced womenswear by extension).  When was the last time we’ve seen the college coed honored, and not as a caricature — not as a girl in boy’s clothing — but truly female?  Honestly, I cannot recall, sadly.  Which is why the Jil Sander Pre-fall 2012 collection is so exciting to me.

For Jil Sander, designer Raf Simons has honored the collegiate woman.  Not content to merely reproduce — the quagmire that menswear frequently finds itself mired in — Simons’s reinvention of familiar forms is refreshing and startlingly well-executed, especially in the case of outerwear.  The presentation of the designs in a campaign that echoes Hayashida’s photographs, in group portraits that recall sororities and ladies’ clubs, is a stroke of genius and I couldn’t resist pulling up a few real ones.  You know me.

SMU sorority, taken by John Dominis, 1951.

Alpha Kappa Alpha at Howard University, Washington, D.C.
Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1946.

Vassar College.

Bryn Mawr.  Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt , 1956.

Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at University of Kansas, Lawrence.
Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1939.

Vassar College.

Vassar College.

Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, University of Kansas, Lawrence.
Taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1939.

Wellesley College, taken by Nina Leen, 1949.

Images via Vogue, the Vassar Archives, and the LIFE Archives.

Autumn is Calling {Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011}

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I first mentioned Bridge and Burn in my recap of (capsule) women’s in September and in the months since then I have become an even bigger fan of designer and founder Erik Prowell’s work.  Prowell has a knack for designing clothes I want to live in on the weekends and take on vacation.  His latest offering for the Fall/Winter 2011 season has me all kinds of obsessed, so I of course I wanted to share it with you.

Aesthetically, Bridge and Burn FW11 has me thinking of the military, of the outdoors, of hunting and of the Pacific Northwest.  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  I love Prowell’s use of contrast linings and his exacting attention to detail, not to mention the obvious menswear influences that he carries over from his equally awesome Bridge and Burn menswear collection.

My favorites from Bridge and Burn Fall/Winter 2011:

The Librarian bomber in charcoal.

The Quin waxed cotton coat in olive.

The Stanton jacket in grey.

The Colter shirtdress in natural.

The Rider popover in red plaid.

Me in the Rider.  Love!

If you love Bridge and Burn as much as I do, I suggest you move quickly as I’ve noticed some choice items are starting to sell out.

Autumn is Calling {Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 Campaign}

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I do apologize if you find this a mite repetitive, since we just discussed the Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 lookbook, but I thought these images from the Maison Scotch Autumn 2011 campaign were too lovely not show you.  The aesthetic somehow magically manages to pull together my love of tomboyish fashion and of settings that are delicately and beautifully decaying.  This couldn’t be more perfect if it tried to be…

All images via Maison Scotch.

Rabbit Hole: Vintage Ralph Lauren

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You might hate me after this.

…but I just happened upon The Style Registry’s treasure trove of classic Ralph Lauren campaigns, and I couldn’t resist.  Could you really expect me to?  So much inspiration.  If you hate Americana, ladies in ties, boats and/or classic supermodels, it would probably be best to just skip along to the next post.  I’d also question our friendship, but I am very open-minded.  For your perusal, a few classic RL images — many shot by Bruce Weber — dating from 1981 through 1997.

Oh. My. God.

Shades of Out of Africa.  It’s almost too much.

All images via The Style Registry.

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