School Days: Wellesley College, 1949

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These great pictures, taken by Nina Leen for Life Magazine, make me wish I could find Doc Brown to fix my flux capacitor so I could pop back to 1949 to either a) hang out with all these rad girls at Wellesley College in 1949 and/or b) abscond back to the present day with all their clothes.  Barring that, I suppose you can officially consider me on high alert vintage patrol for one of those double-breasted trench coats with a fur collar.  If you happen to find one, be a dear and let a (Seven) Sister know.

Photos taken by Nina Leen on October 10, 1949, via the Life Archive.

Summer on the Cape

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For a perfect summer on the Cape, you’ll need some pretty sailboats, a few rainy bike rides, wavy fields of tall grass, a clambake on the beach, and an overloaded jalopy.  For best results, serve over ice in a highball glass and garnish with a gaggle of Kennedys.

Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine, 1940.  Via the Life Archive.

LIFE Archives: Nantucket Boys In Winter, 1959

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From the article The Winter Joys of Children Summer Left Behind.
Published in LIFE Magazine February 23, 1959.

Under a cold winter sky a knot of Nantucketers, among them the three boys at right, watch incoming steamer Nobska stuck in the ice with its cargo of food and mail for the island.

Muffled in parkas, Dana Perkins, 10 (left), Bruce Bartlett, 12, and Jack Peters, 14 (holding his .22), go off to hunt rabbits on the moors.

All photographs by Alfred Eisenstaedt, via the LIFE Archives.

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